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High beam at approximately 40 yards
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Olight Warrior Mini 2

The Olight Warrior Mini 2 is another quality light from Olight. With improved lumens, beam, cd, and a new proximity sensor this is definitely a lightweight light that should be traveling with you on any activity.


Weight and Dimensions

Olight has always made quality lights, and just like their other updates, the improvements to the Warrior Mini 2 are well thought out. The proximity sensor is a feature requested by consumers and Olight has provided this feature along with improvements to the lumens, cd and beam. They have made a very good light even better.



  • Lumens
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Quality Materials
  • Beam


  • Proprietary Battery
  • Not much to dislike

Mini 2 Summary & Specs

SpecificationOlight Warrior MiniOlight Warrior Mini 2
Size4.19*.91in / 106.5*23mm4.65*.98in / 118*25mm
Water Resistance/ProofIX8IX8
BatteryRechargeable 3500AhRechargeable 3500mAh
Proximity ProtectionNoYes

Olight just made the Warrior Mini 2 an even better light!

The Warrior Mini was already a well-made light, but with improved features like a proximity sensor, increased lumens, and a longer beam, they have cranked it up a notch.

There are still a few “pause moments” like the proprietary battery and a slightly tight rear switch, but none of these are show stoppers.

I really like this new version of the Olight Warrior Mini, and it is good to see continued improvements to what is already a popular everyday light.

Mini 2 Decision

High beam at approximately 40 yards

Everybody has their own style when using a flashlight, headlamp, tactical light, etc. The Warrior Mini 2 is good for my style of hiking and camping.

Although candela (cd) is important, I look for a light with high lumens. If I’m night hiking or working around camp, I like to have more light spread. Don’t get me wrong, if something growls from the bushes, I want to peg it with my light, but hopefully, that is not often!

The Olight Warrior Mini 2 is also lightweight and smaller than its competitors, and I like to keep my pack weight low.

These features make the Warrior Mini 2 an easy decision for me when choosing a flashlight to carry. This light would definitely be one of my choices.

Candela (cd) vs Lumens (L)

The best way for me to explain candela vs lumens is to provide a comparison. At least this is the easiest way for me to understand.

I think about a light bulb vs. a spotlight. The spotlight will concentrate the light into a small point or location, which means it has a high candela value. The light is concentrated into a single point and projected in a single direction.

A light bulb has a low candela value but high lumens. The bulb emits a larger amount of light spread over a greater area than the spotlight.

Olight Warrior Mini 2 – Package Contents

Flashlight components

The packaging for the Mini 2 is typical lightweight cardboard with a plastic support inner – nothing special. The package includes the following components.

  • Olight Warrior Mini 2 w/battery
  • Carabiner Style Ring
  • USB Magnetic Charging Clip
  • Lanyard
  • Instructions

I’ll discuss the components of the light itself below, and just mention a few of the accessories here.

Users Manual – The manual was just the right amount of information for me, and it provided the detail I needed in multiple languages.

Carabiner Style Ring – This is a sturdy ring that is rated up to 5kg of carry weight. The weak link for me is the small metal loop it attaches to at the base of the light. I would be afraid it would snag on brush and pull lose if I was moving fast through undergrowth.

Lanyard – This is a durable, convenient lanyard that attaches through the small hole at the top of the clip. It is easy to attach and use.

Warrior Mini 2 Materials/Components

Olight Warrior Mini 2 LED Light on charger

Out of the box, there is a lot to appreciate about the Warrior Mini 2 – from the balanced weight of the light to the “teethy” knurling on the exterior. It fits my smaller hands perfectly.

The length is 4.65″, while other lights like the Fenix PD36R and TT20 measure 5.4″. I like the Mini 2’s shorter length.


  • Casing – Hard Aluminum Alloy
  • Colors – The Mini 2 is available in Desert Tan, Mountain Sky, and Black.
  • Switches – One on the side and one on the tail of the light. Both are easy to use, and I’ll go into a little more detail under the Performance section.
  • Base – The light base has three small prongs raised slightly above the tail switch, allowing it to stand upright easily.
  • Attachment Loop – Just above the tail switch, a small metal loop is mounted to the side of the flashlight. This is where you attach the carabiner. I mentioned it earlier. The carabiner is robust, but the small metal loop is less so, although it seems sufficient for a regular carry on your belt or pack.
  • Clip – There is a two-way clip. It is long, so it fits deep into your pocket, so you don’t have to worry about losing it in rugged terrain. I also like that it clips easily and securely to the brim of my ball cap when night hiking and needing to be hands-free.
  • Proximity Sensor – The proximity sensor is the small black sensor located on the edge of the glass (see above).
  • Bezel – I like the bezel on the light. It is not so much notched as it is one continuous “flowing” piece with slight dips in the band. It is tough and practical.
  • Knurling – You will know this light is in your hand, and it is not going to slip. The knurling is not sharp or jagged but has a defined pattern.


  • Optic – The Mini 2 uses the same TIR Optic as the Warrior Mini.
  • Battery – The battery connector has the same dual connectors with a small spring in the middle.
  • Threads – The threads are well-milled and turn easily. They even have the machine oil still on them out of the package. These are the details I like.


The Mini 2 comes with a USB Type A magnetic charging connector that snaps onto the base of the flashlight for easy charging. Olight documentation states the light takes 3.5 hours for a full charge with a source providing a minimum of 5V 1.5A.

There is a LED light at the base of the power cord against the magnetic charging connector. The light is red while the light is charging and turns green when the light reaches 95% of capacity. My flashlight turned green after approximately 2.5 hours, so there must have already been some charge available.

The rechargeable battery provided with the light is the same proprietary 3500mAh 18650 provided with its predecessor, the Warrior Mini. There is a lot of negative feedback about the proprietary battery, but it can be charged in a bank.

I personally don’t mind the battery since it contributes to the smaller size of the light.

Mini 2 Performance

Lumen LevelsOlight Warrior MiniOlight Warrior Mini 2
Level 1 Lumens1,500~500~1701,750~500~200
Time4+205+55 minutes4+206+40 minutes
Level 2 Lumens500~170500~200
Time218+50 minutes218+55 minutes
Level 3 Lumens120120
Time18 hours19 hours
Level 4 Lumens1515
Time150 hours164 hours
Level 5 Lumens11
Time45 days45 days

The Warrior Mini 2 has six operating modes, which I have listed above. The light modes have performed as expected at home, but I want to get the light out on a long trip. I have one coming up in the Smokey Mountains in two weeks and will update this post when I get home.

If you are interested in a detailed, unbiased technical analysis, check out these resources.


The Mini 2 has two switches, one on the side and one on the tail.

The side switch has a battery indicator light in the center. The switch has a good solid click to prevent it from being depressed too easily. The levels are listed below.

  • >60% = Green
  • 10 – 60% = Orange
  • 5 -10% = Red
  • <5% = Blinks Red
  • Moonlight Mode = Indicator only displays below 5%

Side Switch

Accessing the modes via the side switch is easy, but you will need to use it a few times to remember them.

  • Change Brightness Level – With the light on, hold down the switch. The light will cycle through low, medium, high. Moonlight and turbo are not in this cycle. Release the side switch when you have the mode you want.
  • Moonlight – With the light off, press and hold the switch for one second.
  • Turbo – Fast double-click the switch and do it again to return.
  • Strobe – Fast triple click and then single click again to quit.
  • Lockout/Unlock – With the light off, press and hold the side switch for 2 seconds. The flashlight will enter moonlight mode and then turn off. Press the switch again, and the red indicator on the switch will indicate lockout. Keep holding the switch again, and moonlight will come on.

Base Switch

The switch on the light base is surrounded by 3 flat prongs that allow you to stand the light upright easily. For me, the switch is a little tight when pushing it completely, especially if I’m trying to hold it.

It would also be nice to have a click at the mid-point activation, but overall this is a solid switch, and I like that I can activate it while using the side switch and vice versa with the side switch.

The base switch comes in two configurations that are easy to use.

  • Configuration One – Half-press for medium, hard press for Turbo
  • Configuration Two – Half-press for Turbo, hard press for Strobe

Proximity Sensor

The proximity sensor is one of the most meaningful improvements to the Warrior Mini 2 light. The sensor addresses the overheating issues of the original light. When the sensor detects an obstruction, the brightness automatically reduces in intensity.

A few items to note on the proximity sensor.

  • The light will automatically turn off after 60 seconds if the obstruction does not move.
  • While in the reduced state the light can only be turned off with the side switch.
  • The sensor needs to be kept clean or it’s ability to detect obstructions will be reduced. This includes moisture.
  • Scratches may effect the luminous flux and even result in the failure of high modes and above if severely scratched.

Warrior Mini 2 Final Thoughts

The Olight Warrior Mini 2 is a very well-made light with significant improvements over the Olight Warrior Mini. This light is an excellent option if you are looking for a durable, small, lightweight light with larger lights’ features and brightness.

As a woman, I also like that it easily fits in my purse, glove compartment, or backpack. The light fits in my smaller hands well, and even with its small size, it has enough weight to apply pain if needed for self-defense.

  • Proximity Sensor
  • Increase lumens to 1750
  • Increase beam to 220

Mini 2 Pros & Cons


  • Size – The 4.65″ light fits perfectly in my hand.
  • Bezel – The bezel is a solid, durable piece, and I like the design better than notches.
  • Performance – Increase lumens and beam.
  • Knurling – Easy to grip but not sharp or ragged.
  • Candela – An intense beam combines nicely with increased lumens of 1750.


  • Tail Switch – This switch is a little tight for me if I need to keep it depressed. It would also be nice to have a click when halfway depressed.
  • Carabiner Loop – The carabiner is very durable, but the loop attaching it to the flashlight is not as robust as I would like.

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