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Nuclear Fallout Map: Know What You’re Up Against

Survive nuclear fallout

War sounds horrifying enough even without mentioning the presence of nuclear weapons we know exist. Many countries all around the world have declared the existence of such weapons and it is supposed that there are more countries that have nuclear bombs without announcing or admitting the fact. People are thus held in the dark, thinking that such thing as nuclear war is less likely to happen, but mere existence of nuclear weapons tells another story – a story where suffering the consequences of nuclear bombing is reality.

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What if your town is on the nuke target and you get hit by a nuclear blast? That is why you would probably like to hear more about nuclear fallout map. It is said that there are over a 16000 different nuclear weapons in the world and chances that your neighborhood might end up in a nuclear blast are getting higher as the number of these weapons is rising.

As a true survivalist, you want to get prepared for anything that can happen and meet any SHTF scenario ready and with a plan. One of the possible SHTF scenarios is a nuclear war or nuclear explosions that can occur particularly in your country/state/city/neighborhood.

SHTF scenario

Nuclear fallout map is made to help you prepare for potential scenario where your town might become a target of the nuclear fallout. For more information on safety and survival, check out our piece on how to assemble a disaster preparedness kit.

In order to understand what nuclear fallout map exactly is, you need to learn what nuclear fallout means.

Nuclear fallout 101: what you might face

After explosion, all nuclear bombs create clouds and nuclear “leftovers” which are radioactive. Those leftovers are called nuclear fallout or just fallout as the remains of the nuclear explosion are falling out. Of course as you have probably heard, nuclear fallout can and will cause nuclear contamination that affects all living beings in the area of contamination. The fallout is the consequences of the nuke exploding.

Nuclear fallout 101

The nuclear fallout is more dangerous and more massive if the bomb explodes near the ground – in that case larger area will be affected. In case the nuke explodes in the water or near the water surface, the fallout will be softer and smaller. The same goes if the bomb is air detonated as the stratosphere will absorb most of the fallout consequently being released after the bomb detonation.

Fallout is exactly what you want to avoid, including the blast of course, when it comes to facing nuclear SHTF – fallout may and will cause casualties within the area impacted by a nuclear bomb detonation.

What would happen?

You don’t want a nuclear bomb exploding in your city or in the area you live in, but if the nuke SHTF occurs, you might suffer massive consequences: think of Hiroshima – long term consequences, casualties and genetic illnesses and conditions. In case a nuclear bomb explodes in your area, it is for the best that you stay in your house for as long as possible and for at least 48 hours – again, you should know that is recommended staying in your shelter for 9 days and over.

Also, you will be safer in case you are prepared and are staying in the underground atomic shelter instead of staying in your house – you need dirt and concrete to protect you and that is why a house is not the ideal choice. Lock your doors, close your windows and stay in the house. In case you have thought of protecting yourself and your close ones in time and built yourself a shelter to protect you from the nuclear fallout, you should go to the shelter immediately. Check out our previous article on how to build a bunker to find out more about protecting yourself.

Fallout shelter

It is great to have a plan for a SHTF including nukes – given that there are almost 17000 registered nuclear weapons (and what about those we are not aware of). If you are a survivalist, you are probably working on collecting food and water and stashing everything you might need in case of SHTF – make sure you have enough food around and make sure you are renewing your stash.

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Another SHTF must-have is a fair good stash of medical supplies: antibiotics, alcohol, rubber gloves, sewing needles, bandages, etc. First Aid kit should do a good job. More things to think of and have around just in case are: dust masks, gas masks, flashlights, generators, radio (to stay tuned and informed about what is going on), etc.

Exposure to radiation can and probably will cause a large number of casualties and thus it is recommended that you respect and follow up with the protocol. If there is a possibility, it is recommended that you watch the news so you would be able to completely understand what is going on.

Watch news

Now, as far as the Nuclear Fallout Map concerned, here is how you can use the map to survive and avoid all the bad consequences.

How to use the nuclear fallout map

There are several programs and systems that are made and designed to help you determine the fallout reach in case a nuke bomb gets detonated near your city or town. Those systems are designed to calculate the impact of the fallout, so you would know which area will be safe to be at and go to in case of the nuclear bomb detonation.

Most systems, however, exclude factors like buildings or weather. Most of the systems for calculating the impact of the nuclear bomb also don’t take geographical factors into the account. Still, fallout nuclear map is the most accurate way of determining the impact of the nuclear fallout and will possibly save you from the worst thing that could happen in the case of nuclear SHTF.

There is a system called Ground Zero II – this is an interactive fallout map that calculates the impact of the nuclear fallout, counting on a 6 hour breeze – the amplitudes of the fallout will be a bit different in reality in case of different weather conditions, which is more likely to happen – on the other hand, this program is pretty much useful as it will provide you with the closest image of the fallout impact, so you could get ready and prepare.

Interactive map

The app is designed by CarlosLabs and shows the impact of the damage nuclear weapons cause upon and during detonation, showing the first, second and the third line of the impact. The application is offering several maps, and the choice includes: a pressure map, thermal map and fallout map. You can choose the map you need and set the rest of the preferences before starting with reading your calculations.

Speaking of choices, you can also choose a nuclear weapon you want to see the impact of, choosing from several different weapons with different impacts and damage strength. The only thing left to choose then would be a place of the impact where the detonation with hypothetically occur – probably the city you live in.

Once you have chosen the city, you just need to press the button “Nuke It” and you will be able to see the horrifying results that will certainly scare you and make you want to get prepared if you haven’t started already.

Another great and handy feature is the additional choice where you can type in the address you want: the one you live at or the address where your family members and friends live at. Again, you will press the button “Nuke It”, to see the effects. A bit scary (a lot scary), right? More likely a reality check – with 16000 registered nuclear weapons spread worldwide, one really must ask himself: “Am I prepared and can I risk not being prepared?” You surely want to know that you did everything that was in your power to save yourself and your loved ones.

As far as the geographical factors concerned, although the features programmed and used in this system aren’t per say perfect, you can still adjust one factor: wind direction. You can change the wind direction and the time of impact upon nuke detonation by pressing the button “Fallout” until you adjust the needed factors.


It is considered that Ground Zero II system is one of the best ways of preparing for the impact as knowing the size of the impact and damage that different nuclear weapons can cause, may save your life and the lives of those you love. As a true survivalist, make sure you have everything you need to survive: food, water, shelter, medical supplies and communication tools to stay up to date of what is happening outside of your shelter.

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You can use the fallout map system to check and calculate the impact for any spot/city/state/country/place in the world and study safe spots as well as areas of the greatest and the most dangerous levels of fallout upon the nuclear bomb detonation. Any survivalist knows that being prepared is what will give you the advantage of surviving and having a chance to survive, so you can try using fallout map as one of your survivalist plan sources and get the best out of the worst SHTF scenario.

For more tips and information, see our article on surviving an end of the world scenario, it’s a must-read for everyone.

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  • Does the site have a map of existing government-controlled, nuclear fall-out shelters that the public can access in the event of a SHTF?

  • Hello Robert, no we don’t have such a map. If you are interested in getting an accurate one, you should get in touch with local authorities and see if they can help you.

  • British Protect and Survive movie series speaks about nuclear fallout survival at great lengths.
    It was never published but can be found online. I highly recommend watching it.

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