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Best Long Range Rifle: The Search for Remington

Best Long Range Rifle

As a wandering buck stumbles over the hill in the distance, your eyes catch the prized mammal before it can make sense of the situation. With confidence high, aim is set upon the unknowing forest animal as he trots along the horizon. The buck looks up as to recognize something, but quickly returns to his soft trot through the woods. Finger on the trigger, the buck halts, and it is time to take the shot.

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The gun goes off, however, the creature is just out of range for the rifle currently shaking in hand. A miss due to a lack of distance and accuracy, a combination most rifles are void of. Some hunters might be able to recall the distress of a missed shot, but have you had a chance to fix the problem? Do you want to know what rifle will have increased accuracy at long distances? Then read on, because the best long range rifle is waiting to be discovered below.

By now, curiosity has peaked, and it’s time to present the best long range hunting rifle a civilian can buy. There are so many rifles out there on the market; it would be a waste to rummage through a hundred different stores trying to sell their empty products to you. Instead, soak up the information about to be presented, and then make an informed decision on your own. Your rifle. Your rules. It’s as simple as that. Without any more deflecting, the best long range hunting rifle is the Remington Model 700 series.

Remington, a name in history

Before the actual rifle can be assessed, the manufacturing company must also go through a vetting process. Where should the narrative start? It should be told from the beginning of the story, of course. Remington is one of, if not the, most recognizable gun maker in the United States. Widely known for its ability to create a great shotgun, Remington was a rifle maker first.

Remington is the oldest gun manufacturer in the United States, and still makes firearms, even today. On top of Remington’s domestic sales, the manufacturer also sells a vast array of products overseas, in many different countries. Guatemala even introduced a rifle symbol into its flag, in order to symbolize the affect Remington had on their country. The fact that Remington has spread into a worldwide brand should only help its’ case to get your business.

Remington 511

Now that you have some sort of idea about the influence Remington has had on this Earth, it would be productive to highlight some other positives about the Remington family. Remington has at least dabbled into most types of guns, including, but not limited to bolt-action (rifles), semi-automatic (rifles), pump-action (rifles & shotguns), single shot (rifles, shotguns, or handguns), and revolvers (handguns). What you may not know is Remington’s association with military and law enforcement.

Remington has had a long connection with the military, including the introduction of the Remington 700 series into their standard issue firearm program. Of course, the military version of the rifle has been adapted and added on to, as to be up to par for military standards, which are high. Regardless of the ways in which the Remington 700 series has been used, there is no doubting its dependability, considering the army wants to use it.

More recently, Remington won a new contract to provide the government with a new rifle to be used as a sniper in the military. The MK21, as they call it, has won many awards, and has proved to be an exceptional weapon. The MK21 continues a long-standing tradition that few firearm companies can equal, and Remington will always be a trusted gun manufacturer because of it.

Now that Remington has proven to be a respectable gun maker, the Remington 700 series can be approached.

Origin of the 700

The Remington 700 series was created and introduced in 1962. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the Remington 700 series is that it is still being sold in stores and online today, new. They say that cars, weapons, and ships were built better in those days, and it’s hard to argue with that when one type of rifle has been on the market for almost fifty-five years.

The model 700 is older than most people in the United States, which can only mean thing; the Remington 700 series is one of the most dependable rifles you can buy, and the best long range hunting rifle as well, two qualifiers to be proud of. Anytime a product can be produced and sold for half a century, it’s hard to discount the product in question.

Best Long Range Rifle infographic

As previously stated, the Remington 700 series began to be sold in the early sixties, but was also an adaptation of models released after World War II. These models, the 721 & 722, could be viewed as the parents of the Remington 700. The significance of the new Model 700 series lied in the gun’s diverse uses and accessories.

The Model 700 is a bolt-action rifle that can support a multitude of calibers, whether it be .308, .300, .375, or .30-06. This diversity allows the hunter to choose the exact caliber the hunter needs, which will then direct the consumer to the appropriate Remington 700. It is also one of the rifles that support homemade ammunition which makes it a great piece to have in your survival pack. We have a great tutorial on how to make your own bullets, if you’re interested in learning more.

Although the Remington 700 series can be implemented in any hunting situation, it excels when used at a long distance. There is a reason that agencies such as local law enforcement and the military covet this weapon and have used the Model 700 in their lines of work. Precision, workability, dependability, and cost are just a few of these reasons.

While manufacturer and origin are essential to find the right long-range rifle for the hunter in you, background information, variations and price are just as vital. If you know how and by whom the rifle has been used, then it will be easier to support the final decision to buy the Remington Model 700, which is the best long-range rifle on the market.

Who backs the Remington 700 series?

In order to feel comfortable with a rifle, it would behoove the customer to know what types of organizations, such as law enforcement or military, use the Remington Model 700. If those important and trustworthy entities sponsor the rifle, then you should too. In fact, that happens to be the case for the Remington Model 700.

The Remington Model 700 can be divided into three separate categories according to the type of person that can buy it. First, we have the civilian model.

The civilian model comes in many different forms, depending on the way it will be used. The Model 700 has various versions for short distance or long distance hunters, and differing sizes of prey. More specifics on the public Model 700 will come later, but suffice it to say that there is something for everyone when it comes down to it.

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The second organization that has a history with the Model 700 is law enforcement. The police version of the Model 700 is known for its ease of handling, as well as its overall accuracy. Obviously, it does not come standard for police officers; it is saved for special tactical forces to use.

Some accessories found on the police model are special sights, bipods, and a box magazine. Even though this particular Model 700 is intended for police use, private citizens can buy the rifle. The rifle sold to private citizens comes with some accessories, and is known by its matte black color.

The final type of Model 700 in use is found in the military ranks. The Army and Marine Corps sniper rifles are built from the blueprint of the Model 700, but obviously have more firepower than the public and law enforcement models. While the Military model of the Remington 700 series is distinctly different from other models, the same Remington dependability is there, the reason for the government to give them the contract in the first place. No matter who holds the gun, the story doesn’t change. Remington is the best long range-hunting rifle that money can buy.

Types of public Remington model 700 series

Since we have heard who makes the Model 700, where it came from, and who supports the Model 700, it’s important that the types of models, alongside their differences are mentioned before a decision to purchase one has come to fruition.

There are too many minute variations in the Model 700 to write out a specific description for each one, however, highlighting the major variations will only help the customer. The most important Model 700’s to know are tactical, compact, stainless, long-range and varmit. The varmit Model 700 can be ignored, due to the fact that it has had its problems, but you should know of its existence.

The most promising long-range hunting rifles from the Model 700 series are the stainless, compact, long-range, and tactical long-range. It should be pointed out that each of these models are great rifles, and will prove satisfactory in any use. The majority of the differences have to do with personal preference.

Take the Model 700 stainless for example. While the stainless steel model maintains the ever-present accuracy that Remington has proven over the years, the stainless is usually bought for the specific purpose of obtaining a stainless steel gun. It won’t fire any better or worse than most Model 700’s, but the color and feel will be different. That difference could turn off potential buyers from the stainless steel version though. The Model 700 stainless steel rifle starts in the mid $800 range, and goes up quickly per accessory.

Remington 700 Series

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The Model 700 compact is next. This is the gun your kid wants, especially if he is left-handed. The compact model is known for its black, almost tactical looking finish. It is also being produced in a left-handed style, for all the southpaws out there. The compact is extremely customizable, and can be found in various dimensions for the right hunter. The Model 700 compact is available from most businesses, and begins around the $700 price range. It is also the gun you may want to improve with a great scope (especially if you’re a beginner looking to improve your aim). If you’re interested, tale a look at our reviews for the best rifle scope money can buy.

Now, two long range guns for long range hunters, the Model 700 Tactical Long Range and the Model 700 Long Range rifles are the long distance hunters dream come true, when looking for a new rifle.

The Model 700 Tactical Long Range rifle has a lot to offer any hunter looking to pick off prey at any length. The long-range rifle sports a forgettable green color, combined with increased accuracy and an adjustable trigger to produce one of the most efficient rifles on the market. It just so happens to come ready to go stock, but with a little more accessorizing, the Tactical Long Range 700 can become the best long-range hunting rifle anywhere.

Of course, the price might deter a few customers, but I would encourage them to overlook the price in order to buy one of the greatest rifles on the market. The bottom line starting price for the Model 700 Tactical Long Range Rifle is approximately $1500. That means you will be spending a good deal on a basic, stock weapon, but know it will be top of the line as well. In my opinion, there is no alternative to having a great, dependable rifle, even if it is a little on the more expensive side. Moral of the story, don’t sacrifice performance because of price.

Remington Tactical

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Finally, the Model 700 Long Range rifle makes its appearance. Probably unknown to most of you, the Long Range is cheaper, but still carries the same Remington brand that the other models do. If maintained properly and worked on, then the Model 700 Long Range could be one of the best long range hunting rifles in the United States.

The long-range rifle has a graphite build, with matte black accents all around, making the Model 700 look more tactical than usual. It has a twenty-six inch heavy contour barrel to lengthen the distance covered by the Long Range Remington. Similar to other Remington rifles, the Long Range Model 700 has an adjustable trigger system and extra places to attach accessories such as a bipod or scope.

By all accounts, the Model 700 Long Range rifle will hold up to the test of time, and be the gun that you keep coming back to. Perhaps the most encouraging part of owning this particular model is the price. For a fair $800 or so, you can have this beautiful shooting machine all to yourself.

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Evidence has been brought forth throughout this article in support of the Remington Model 700 series as the best long range hunting rifle on the market right now. The fact is, Remington has a reputation for being the master of guns, but specifically, rifles. They are THE name in the firearm industry, and have been for centuries. It would be foolish to reach for an unknown brand just to save a couple hundred dollars. Think of your next rifle purchase as an investment.

This gun will serve you for many years to come, and can be a platform on which to build a great long distance hunting collection. With the right rifle and accessories, you will be knocking down prey no problem. Get that buck on the hill, deep in the woods. Don’t strip yourself of the best protection that money can buy. Still, you will also need to invest in a good rifle cleaning kit to keep that long barrel clean and ready for action. We recommend you take a look at our tutorial on how to clean a rifle to learn every nook and cranny there is on this topic.

The right hunter who wants the right gun will go for the Remington Model 700 series, without a doubt. No matter if it is the Long Range, the Tactical Long Range, Compact, or Stainless steel version, it will satisfy your every long distance hunting need. It might not even be as wallet damaging as you thought.

Just to recap, Remington has earned the consumers trust, built models for police and military organization, and has changed their dependable, easy to use rifles to satisfy your personal rifle qualifications. Buy the Remington Model 700 series, and buy it quickly. You won’t regret purchasing one of the best rifles in the world, and definitely the best long distance hunting rifle in the world.

Since it can be found at a relatively cheap price, depending on the type, there is no reason to avoid owning the Model 700. Once you have the perfect building block, you can become a powerful hunter that many animals wouldn’t be able outrun.

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Andrew McKay is a seasoned hunter and fisherman from Anchorage, Alaska. Andrew thinks that he is the luckiest person in the world, as he lives in the most gorgeous place in United States and does what he loves to do. As a member of Alaska Professional Hunters Association and International Hunter Education Association, he is always looking for the ways to improve his skills and to teach people around him.


  • As a long-term customer of Remington’s arms, it’s certain that they make some of the best shooting rifles. In my experience, they always hit the mark accurately. The pictures also provide evidence of their cool look. However, the high price drags me in a dilemma whether it will be a worthy buy? After all, there are competitors in the market with a considerably low price.

    • The buy will never disappoint, but you can always go for a cheaper alternative that can offer you quality performance.

  • Remington makes great stuff! I like the Remington 710 which they stopped making these in 2006. It is my go-to rifle for hunting and long-range target shooting. This rifle is extremely accurate and easy-to-use. For the newer models, I like the 700 VTR SS in .308. The .308 is going to give you the extra power to knock down your hunting target, unlike the .223 which won’t knock the animal down if you don’t hit the right target area.

  • The most important features to look for in long-range rifle are quality glass, milling reticle, zoom range/power, elevation adjustment range, objective size, among other features.

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