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EMF Protection: How to Survive in the New Technological Era

EMF Protection

Our world is constantly evolving and changing; in less than one hundred years, we conquered new fields of knowledge and invented many technological wonders to help us speed up the process of finding out more. Technology is in our homes, on our desks, in our hands, in our children’s hands and, sometimes, even in us. We are so attracted to the new world that we often forget we should worry about EMF protection.

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EMF or Electro Magnetic Fields are invisible electric and magnetic radiations that behave like a wave and interfere with our vital systems. On Earth, there are two types of EMF:

  • Natural, produced by Earth and the human body. This type of EMF is extremely low and our bodies resonate with it. Natural EMF keeps us healthy and help in regulating vital body functions;
  • Artificial EMF, produced by our latest technology like cell phones, microwaves, hairdryers, and so on. Anything electrical in our house produces high levels of EMF each second, disturbing our natural bond with the planet.

The main reason we need EMF shielding and protection is our health. We are exposed to levels of EMF a couple hundred times higher than our parents and grandparents were.

Electromagnetic radiation infographic

Elevated EMF levels can be the explanation for many new diseases and conditions that appeared in the last century. We, as living, breathing creatures, operate based on bioelectrical signals produced with the help of our natural EMF. When our natural electromagnetic field is disturbed, our organism’s vital functions can be affected.

Sleep cycle problems (fatigue), elevated stress levels (anxiety), immunity deficiencies, brain tumors, and even DNA mutations were associated with elevated levels of artificial EMF. Without EMF protection we may as well be living under a high power transmission line!

What actually emit EMF?

It is demonstrated that all electrical devices emit a certain level of EMF but the ones with the highest and most toxic levels are electrical appliances. Our kitchen is an EMF danger zone and we spend about 2 to 3 hours in there, each day. Here is a table published by the USA Environmental Protection Agency with EMF values emitted by our day-to-day appliances.

Appliance Right next to it (mG) 3 feet distance
TV 5 – 100 0.1 – 6
Computer 4 – 20 2 – 6
Microwave 100 – 500 1 – 25
Coffee maker 6 – 29 0.1
Hairdryer 60 – 20000 0.1 – 6
Washing machine 8 – 200 0.1 – 4
Vacuum Cleaner 230 – 1300 3 – 40
Blender 50 – 220 0.3 – 3

In order to understand the data presented in the table below you need to know two very important aspects:

  • EMF’s unit measure is 1 milliGauss (1 mG);
  • EMF recommended safety levels are between 5 mG and 2.5 mG.

As you can see, many of the appliances we constantly use give away a lot more electromagnetic field radiation than recommended for our safety. You could reduce exposure by staying at least three feet away from all your appliances, but some of them require constant supervision. For example how could you use a vacuum cleaner from three feet away?

Another way to reduce EMF radiation is to buy new appliances. Old ones are more dangerous from this point of view. One other device that we use daily and emits high levels of EMF is the cell phone. The rule applies here too: new devices emit lower levels of radiation but cell phones are with us every moment of the day prolonging the exposure. They are right next to our body the entire day and, sometimes, at night. We give them to our children as toys without considering the effects they might have.

Soures of_EMF infographic

Scientist proved that EMF emitted by a cell phone can penetrate up to 2 inches in the brain of an adult person. Can you imagine what this does to a toddler? The list of devices that emit more or less harmful radiations is quite long but we selected here a few that are most common in our lives: computers, tablets, wireless routers, gaming consoles, radio stations, and so on. As you can see some of these devices have become vital for our day-to-day life. We need them at work, to do our jobs and we need them at home for leisure activities and relaxation.

Radiation of mobile devices infographic

We want to think that now, after reading about harmful radiations emitted by devices we use every day, you understand why it’s important to talk about EMF shielding and EMF protection devices.

EMF shielding methods, materials and devices

Your house is your sanctuary; here you raise your children and spend some of the most beautiful moments of your life. You need it to be a safe and welcoming environment allowing those who live in it to develop surrounded by love and harmony. Having electromagnetic radiations shooting out of every object you use is definitely not the ideal environment anyone would want in their home. That’s why it is very important to find out about EMF shielding methods.

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The main idea is to use materials that form barriers in front of electromagnetic fields. These materials will block the radiation from your appliances (for example) and will isolate the one in the wires. The most used materials for electromagnetic shielding your house are the metal sheet, metal foam and metal screen. A metal sheet is obtained by processing metal (usually cupper) in very thin sheets that can be easily shaped.

The metal in these materials isolates EMF and forms a barrier between you and the appliance you use. In electrical appliances, producers use metallic ink on the inside. This layer connected to the ground, provides an effective shielding, just like a metal sheet would.

The best example when it comes to electromagnetic shielding is a shielded cable.

electromagnetic shielding

This type of cable has a metallic mesh surrounding the core, not allowing the EMF to be radiated around the cable. It also helps with other appliances interfering with the inner core and adding other signal. Still, if there are holes in the metallic coat bigger than the radiation diameter, you will not be protected. EMF will escape through those holes and still affect your health.

Also, you don’t stay in the house all day long, you have to go out to work and for groceries and then you get in contact with EMFs from other buildings and houses. That’s why you should consider EMF protection devices. There are a lot of devices you can use to protect both the house and your family from electromagnetic radiation everywhere you would go.

How to choose the good EMF protection

Given the fact that EMF protection and all that is related to this area is a bit ambiguous for the general public, the market is filled with all sorts of objects that are declared to be the best. The ambiguity comes mainly from the fact that we deal with radiations and energies that no one can see with the naked eye. We only see the effects it has on our health which is why we are entitled to be a little skeptical about EMF.

There are two main types of devices that can help us stay away from EMF: EMF measuring devices and EMF jewelry. There is an entire market out there and, because there is no main authority to let you know which are actually useful, it’s hard to know what to get. Well, that’s why we’re here: to see which ones offer the best EMF protection.

EMF protection devices

We all saw that electrically powered devices emit EMF and this happens while we are in the house cooking or watching TV. Modern appliances use shielding in order to reduce these radiations but there is no way of telling (with the naked eye) if your microwave is going to warm you up too. Wires that we use to conduct electrical current are shielded now but there is still the problem of cell phones, tablets, wireless devices and computers. These devices also emit radiation and they are even more dangerous given the fact that we are very close to them all the time.

A frequency selective power meter for millimeter waves

So how can we know if the devices we use every day are safe or not? The answer is simple: using an EMF meter. An EMF meter is a scientific device that looks like an antenna, used to scan the surrounding environment in order to detect EMF radiations. There are two types of electromagnetic field meters:

  1. Broadband EMF meters which is more like a probe which detects a wide range of frequencies.
  2. Frequency selective meters which can be set to detect only a certain range of frequencies. This one has two elements in its composition: an antenna and a frequency selective receiver.

Because most EMF radiations are registered around house appliances and industrial ones, the EMF meters are usually set to detect 50 – 60 Hz frequencies. These are the standard frequencies for USA and Europe. These are the EMF meters you can use to detect if your house is safe. Of course that there are others that can detect lower frequencies but these are more expensive and their only use is for scientific research.

Broadband EMF meter

We gathered a few tips that may be very useful when you want to buy your first EMF meter:

  • Make sure that it measures three types of waves: magnetic, electric and radio or microwave. This way you’ll have a gaussmeter, a radio field meter, and an electric field meter in one single package.
  • Check if magnetic fields are measured correctly. A weak EMF meter will indicate 0 even though there is strong magnetic activity. Also, magnetic activity can indicate a future EMP situation which is capable of destroying everything we built in terms of new technologies. If you want to learn more, take a look at our article about using a Faraday cage.
  • Don’t buy a meter that requires a certain orientation in order to measure the maximum values. These are hard to work with and if you don’t check your orientation constantly during the measurements you won’t get the correct values. Choose one that can scan the surrounding environment rapidly.
  • Ask the person you purchase your EMF meter from if it can locate wiring in the walls. Usually wires in the walls are overlooked because we can’t see them but if they are not properly isolated they also may emit radiations.
  • It must be portable and easy to hold in your hands – there is no reason why you should buy a huge piece of machinery.

If you feel that you can’t trust a device that measures three types of radiation at the same time, you can always buy them separately. There are:

  • Gaussmeters for wiring, appliances and power lines;
  • Gaussmeters for magnetic fields;
  • Devices to measure radio frequencies and microwaves.

Besides being able to tell you about your electromagnetic levels in the house, EMF meters are also used in a bit unorthodox activity: finding ghosts. People who believe that spiritual entities live and share this planet with us can use these meters to find (theoretically) them. We can only recommend EMF meters for house and appliance scanning. We talked about the EMF meter because it is the only scientific method to determine EMF levels in the environment surrounding you. Still, this is not a device that will protect you; it will just offer you a reading.

The obvious question comes to mind, when reading this: why buy it if there’s no EMF shielding? Well, there’s also an obvious answer: because with this device you will know for sure if the methods you try are effective. Buying an EMF meter is the best EMF protection method for two main reasons:

  • It is a first step in acknowledging that there is a problem – you still won’t be able to see them, but you will have the device that will tell you where the hotspots are;
  • You can tell for sure if the appliances you have in the house are EMF safe. The same thing applies for new ones.

For devices that we like to keep close to our body (phone, tablet, etc) there are special pouches and cases with shielding. The only way of telling which are actually effective is with an EMF meter.

EMF jewelry

We saw how efficient an EMF meter can be but it’s hard to wear one with you all the time. They are not too big but they need to be calibrated and interpreted which is hard to do when you’re out with friends. That’s why on the market appeared a supply of wearable EMF protection devices in the form of jewelries. We know that it sounds like a story from a fantastic book but scientists proved that certain stones and crystals do posses the property of absorbing electromagnetic energy.

Most EMF jewelry (usually pendants or ankle bracelets) are based on the resonance principle. It is believed that this type of jewelry provides its own EMF frequencies which are attuned with the Earth’s natural electromagnetic frequency. This resonance blocks the effects artificial EMF has on our body and allows our body to heal.

EMF jewelry

It’s pretty hard to say if EMF jewelry is for real or just a scam. There are thousands of people who are ready to swear that they got healthier as soon as they started wearing a special pendant or ankle bracelet. Indeed, we should be more open-minded when it comes to energies that flow around us and the way they interact with our body. But while doing this, we also have to consider the scientific approach and make sure that we get all the correct information before taking a life changing decision.

In the end, the main conclusion is that EMF radiation exists and it does have a powerful effect on our mind, body and spirit. It makes us more stressed and anxious and sometimes can lead to DNA mutations. That’s why, we need to measure our exposure and take the right decisions when we surround ourselves with technology. Here are a few pieces of advice that can be helpful in your EMF shielding process:

  • Don’t buy appliances that you are not going to use – even when turned off they emit EMF;
  • Make sure your house wiring is isolated properly and that there are no holes to let the electromagnetic field out;
  • Only buy appliances that are EMF proofed – ask the producer for specifications;
  • Try to keep your distance from electrical appliances (3 feet is the minimum safe distance);
  • Don’t put your TV too close to your bed and don’t sleep with you phone close;
  • Shut down wireless routers when you are not using them;
  • Buy a good EMF meter to make sure your methods are actually working.

As you can see, the best EMF protection is reduced exposure. If you take all the precautions and follow the few simple steps we talked about you should be able to consider yourself shielded from most of the electromagnetic fields.

We know that in a world where technology is absolutely everywhere it is difficult to keep your distance but your health and the one of your family is extremely important. That’s why you should make sure your house is shielded; here you spend a big part of your time with family and friends. If your house is EMF clean then you have a better chance at good health and a better life.

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  • There’s no doubt that technology made life easier and enjoyable, but it come with its own hazards. I think an excellent way to balance the danger is to take precautions and understand what we gain from using technology and be moderate about using it.

    • EMFs are dangerous, and how dangerous they are depends on different factors. Therefore, taking precautionary measures is extremely important as far as technology is concerned.

  • Thinking about all possible new dangers is scary.
    I agree that new tech can be interesting, but i prefer to use as many analogue and manual things as possible when it comes to survival.
    You never know when a tech item will break or cause one of these hazards. That is why I firmly believe using analogue tech is preferred over high tech.

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