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Front view of the Survival From QuadraPro Solar Power Bank

I’ve used a lot of solar panels and solar banks over my backpacking career and recently decided to test the QuadraPro from Survival Frog.

Both the weight and cordless charging stood out for me.

Survival Frog’s Return Policy – 6 Months ANY REASON Refund Guarantee makes trying almost any item from Survival Frog an easy decision.

If you return it within 14 days they pay for the shipping.

QuadraPro Solar Power Bank - 5.5W Solar 4-Panel Portable Wireless Cell Phone Charger
The QuadraPro Solar Power Bank from Survival Frog is for those that wander off the beaten path and want the power to stay in touch. A wireless charger, 4 solar panels, and 6500mAh of capacity ensure you have what you need.
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Easy to Use
Weight and Dimensions

The QuadraPro Solar Power Bank with Cordless Charging, 4 Solar Panels, and 5.5W of power are packed with a lot of features for under a pound. This Solar Power Bank also has a 3-Year Warranty and a 6-Month “ANY REASON” Return Policy from Survival Frog.



  • Weight
  • Cordless Charging
  • Durability
  • Charge Time


  • Price
  • LED Light

My Criteria for a Solar Power Bank

My criteria are usually dictated by my particular activity, and in this case, it is backpacking. When I’m in the backcountry my needs are pretty simple.

  1. Lightweight – More than a pound is too much weight. Ounces = pounds and pounds = pain. I don’t carry anymore than needed.
  2. Easy to Use – I don’t want to be messing with a gadget. I’m trying to get AWAY from stress.
  3. Dependable – Communication and Direction are important when I’m out in the middle of nowhere and off-trail. I often take maps as a backup but electronics make navigation easier, and the home base likes to know I’m still kicking.
  4. Durable – Water resistance and durability are important.

QuadraPro Solar Power Bank – Specifications

Dimensions6.13 x 3.38 x 1.25 inches (Closed)
Weight15.7 oz
Solar Power5.5W
Capacity6500 mAh
Cordless ChargingYes
USB Output Jacks2
Warranty3 Years


The QuadraPro Solar Power Bank has a lot of competitors, but there are a few things that set it apart.

The weight of this solar power bank is UNDER A POUND @ 15.7 ounces! None of the other solar banks of this type I reviewed were this light.

The warranty is three years. Competitors all had 1 Year warranties if I could even find the warranties.

Cordless charging is also not that common, and when you do find it, it is hit and miss. This actually works on the QuadraPro without taking my iPhone from its case.

Real Field Test – Benton Mackaye Trail (7 Days)

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On Day 5 my iPhone was about out of juice and it was continuing to rain. The sun would peek through and I would search for pockets of sunlight.

With about 20 minutes of direct sunlight on the QuadraPro, I was able to add about 5-6% to my iPhone battery.

With these little solar sips, I was able to make it through to the seventh day, staying in touch and taking some great pictures.

Most impressive was that I stayed wet a lot on the trip, so the QuadraPro also got wet. This was not an issue. This power bank is definitely weatherproof!

QuadraPro Solar Power Bank – Out of the Box

QuadraPro Solar Power Bank Packaging

Out of the box, the QuadraPro gives the impression of quality with its leather case, metal snaps, and preattached carabiners.

There are 4 solar panels, and the inside is lined with a thin felt, so all four panels close softly.

Included is a form-fitting rubber cap for water resistance, and the surrounding plastic is tightly sealed.

There is a small cover on the end of the unit over the ports, but it does not seal as tightly as I would like. It does close adequately.

QuadraPro Solar Power Bank – Components

The QuadraPro Solar Power Bank components are quality-made features that I would expect from Survival Frog. Except for the LED light, they are all convenient, perform well, and are easy to use.

Lights & Indicators

Indicator lights on the QuadraPro

The QuadraPro Solar Power Bank has five small blue indicator lights on the exterior. When fully charged, the bottom light is green, and the five lights above the green light are blue.

The green indicator light will come on when the solar power bank is approximately 90% charged.

The back of the phone has a LED light with a power button right next to it. I did not find the light bright enough and would still carry another primary light. The LED light was not too bright but would be fine in an emergency or your tent.

One note on the power button. It not only turns on the light but also wakes up your charger if it has been sitting unused. I had to press it to see the indicator lights.

Attachment Points

Side view of the snaps on the QuadraPro Power Bank

The QuadraPro comes with solid metal snaps to close the unit, attached to small leather loops that hold the carabiners. These are durable, so I was not worried about my solar bank falling off my backpack when attached.

The exterior case has magnets, so you can slap the QuadraPro onto your vehicle if setting it out in the sun to charge or just wanting to put it somewhere where it does not get lost with all the other “stuff.”

I really like the magnets.

Solar Power Bank – Electrical

The cordless charger was a big win for me. I did not end up buying a cordless charger for my new iPhone. I use the QuadraPro. There ya go, you greedy Apple!

There are dual USB ports to charge multiple devices, which is pretty standard on these banks, and a port for charging the power bank. The power bank also comes with a small USB cord for charging.

QuadraPro Solar Power Bank – Performance

QuadraPro Solar Power Bank with Cordless Charging

I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the QuardraPro. These solar banks don’t often meet my expectations, but the Quadra Pro not only met them, but in some instances, it even exceeded what I expected.

Power Bank Charge Time

Survival Frog states that the QudraPro will fully charge with 12 hours of direct sunlight. I fully charged mine in partly cloudy, mixed with full light conditions, in approximately 10 .5 hours.

Portable solar panels and solar power banks are NEVER as efficient as they claim, so I was shocked to find this solar power bank not only a little more efficient but in less than ideal conditions.

The time to fully charge via my USB cord was a little over two hours. It was a little confusing that although it appeared fully charged, the last blue indicator light never quit flashing.

Device Charging

I have been able to charge my headlamp, iPhone, GPS unit, lighter, etc., without any issues. They charge just as quickly as they do with my Anker Power Bank.

Survival Frog claims the solar bank can charge a phone about three times, and this is what I was able to achieve – a little less if charging the other devices.

For me, this is fine. I use my iPhone on airplane mode most of the time and generally only need to charge it a couple of more times before the trip is over or I’m back in town.

Cordless Charger

I briefly mentioned the cordless charger already. I’ve tried to use these before, and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. However, this one actually works consistently.

Survival Frog advises users to take it out of its case, but I left mine in its case and sat it on the phone with no problem. I was also happy to see it charged the phone about as fast as the USB cord.

I did find that I needed to activate the power switch by the LED light for it to work.

LED Light

LED light on the back of the QuadraPro

As I mentioned, I did not find this light to be very useful anywhere but in my tent. If hiking at night or checking the weird noises in the bushes, I needed much more light. This is partially due to the thick plastic cover.

If you don’t plan on really needing a light, though, you could always use this one and leave your others at home, but I would not.

QuadraPro Solar Power Bank – Final Thoughts

The QuadraPro is not the most powerful of the Solar Power Banks or the least expensive, but it is the lightest and provides more than enough power for my needs during a week in the backcountry.

Survival Frog also stands behind their products, and I have not found another solar power bank with more than a one-year warranty.

If you are backpacking, camping, fishing, or want to spend time off the grid but still stay in touch, then this is definitely a solar power bank that you should consider.

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