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Hidden Gun Storage: Ideas And DIY Projects

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Hidden gun storage is essential, and making sure you have quick access when you are attacked is crucial. In addition, guns you use for self-defense should not be hung on your walls, and leaving a weapon unsupervised in your home can be deadly.

When storing a gun in your house, you must know precisely where it is and that no one can stumble upon it by mistake. So create a hidden gun storage area to keep your weapons away from family, friends, and enemies alike.

Hidden Gun Storage – Overview

Traditionally, people put their guns in a safe for safety reasons. It is indeed safer, but it is also more expensive. If you are interested in a safe, check out these Reviews for Gun Safes.

The issue with gun safes is that they make access to your weapons difficult in an emergency. For example, finding and unlocking the safe can be difficult if an intruder is in your home and you have to move fast.

There are many ways to keep your guns safe and inconspicuous.

  • DIY Projects – You’re going to need a few handyman skills to build structures. The projects are not too difficult and will help hone the skills you have.
  • Manufactured Products – We will also review manufactured products that you can buy.

Making Your Own Hidden Gun Storage Space

We will discuss some of the most popular ideas among firearm owners. Then, of course, you can get creative and invent some of your own hiding places, but remember what a wise man once said – the best hiding place is in plain sight!

Hiding Guns When You Live Alone

When you live alone, you don’t have to worry about children finding your guns. You only need to hide your gun where a thief or intruder is not going to find it.

Below are a few examples.

  • In the pantry, in a cereal box – thieves are probably not going to start a search in your pantry. You just need to make sure you can access the pantry quickly.
  • Behind fake electrical outlets – this is a clever place to hide a gun, especially if an intruder is going to make you sit against or lie near your walls. It would have to be an awfully small gun.
  • Inside the front door – if you are answering the door, this is the most convenient place to have a gun.
  • Bathroom cabinet – an intruder might allow you to go to the bathroom, or this may be the closest room to your bed.
  • Under your pillow or bed – this is popular in the movies for a reason. It is the closest place to keep a weapon.

Hidden Gun Storage When You Have Children

There’s no way you can keep your firearm under the bed or stacked under towels in the bathroom when children are around.

You need a clever hiding place that can perfectly conceal weapons and still be easily accessible when you need them.

Hidden Gun Cabinet in the Wall

Find a place on one of your house’s walls where you can fit a full-body mirror or a large painting. These items (the mirror or the picture) conceal the hidden cabinet behind them. If you’re careful with the work or hire a professional, no one in the house will be able to tell.

It’s challenging to find an adequate space for hidden gun storage because it needs to look natural. Avoiding plumbing and wiring is also an important consideration.

General Gun Closet Set-up

Time Needed: 2 Days

Steps for Installation

  1. Cut the Hole – The hole should be smaller than the object you use to cover it (the mirror in this case). This object will be on the cabinet door. Cut the hole but not the insulation. You only need the cabinet to be about 5″ deep.
  2. Build the Box – Measure the length and width of the hole, and build a box that will fit exactly in the hole. On the backside of the box, install plywood or paneling. The box will be the inside of the gun cabinet. After you finish, slide the box into the hole and screw it in place. You can add hooks to secure any weapon.
  3. Install the Door – This will be a large piece of wood on which you install a mirror or painting on one side and hinges on the other side. Mount it on the frame of the box inside and make sure it looks natural.
  4. Install a Lock – Use a traditional lock and key, or a keypad-activated lock hidden somewhere else in the house.

Bookcase Storage Location

People have used bookcases to hide secrets for centuries. But, regardless of what you use a bookcase for, it is still one of your best hiding places. This is a fun DIY project that won’t take more than one afternoon; it doesn’t involve demolition or cutting.

Bookcase Set-up

Time Needed: 4 Hours

Steps for Installation

  1. Building the Box – The box should be the same height as the book spines with no overlap. Make sure your weapons fit easily in the box.
  2. Installing the Spines – Decide which side the book spines go on. Glue the book spines on, making sure they look as natural as possible.

Inside the couch

Bed Bunker Safe
Image credit:

Modern sofas don’t have as much open space for gun storage, but older couches have plenty. Take a look to see just how much room you have. This is an excellent location to store weapons, especially the sofa used often.

Use a system of hooks and belt fasteners to keep the guns in place, and when everything is attached, you cover the system with the couch’s cloth again. This is not a sound system for your go-to guns as they are difficult to access in case of a robbery, but you can use the sofa to hide weapons you have around the house.

Be careful when hiding weapons in a sofa, as it is easily accessible for people who are searching for weapons.

False Bottom Drawer

Bottom Drawer Gun Safe

This looks complicated, but it’s not too tricky with patience and some skill. This rewarding DIY project will also teach you essential carpentry skills.

False Bottom Drawer Construction

Time Needed: 4 Hours

Steps for Installation

  1. Measurements – Take a drawer out of its existing location and measure it. Make sure the weapon fits. Measure the height of the weapon, so you know how high the compartment needs to be and that there is enough space in the overall drawer.
  2. Cut Supports for False Drawer – Cut 4 small pieces of wood and make sure their height is slightly bigger than the weapon. These will be placed in each corner of your drawer to support the false bottom. Cut the false bottom from a piece of wood, making sure it’s thick enough to support the weapon and it fits easily in the drawer.
  3. Installing the False Drawer – Glue the four pieces of wood in the corners and wait for them to dry. Next, drill a small hole in the bottom of your drawer. You can use an ink cartridge, a small metal rod, or something similar to open it.

If you install the drawer in a bedside table, make sure you store everyday items in the drawer, or it will look odd if someone opens it. I like to place easily removed items, like magazines, papers, tissues, glasses, notebooks, etc.

Hidden Gun Storage Options for Purchase

If you are not handy or have limited time, you can also purchase hidden storage options online. Below are a few options I like. These are all hand made and you can look at many other options from any of the stores listed.

  1. White 8 X 10 Wooden Picture Frame/gun Case | Etsy

    This rustic picture frame by AKCustomBuilds looks good on any wall and makes a great gift for any gun owner.

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  2. 5 Hook Coat Rack With Hidden Gun Concealment Storage

    This solid wood hidden gun coat rack by Knotty Oar Wood Shop is not only functional but also a nice-looking piece. I would definitely hang this in my mudroom or entranceway.

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  3. Concealed Gun Storage Cabinet USA Flag Lockable

    This USA Flag hidden gun storage by CraftedofLight is a best seller. Not only does it store your guns and ammo, but it is also a good-looking, hand-crafted flag to hang anywhere in your home or shop.

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Final Thoughts

There are many places you can store weapons and valuables in your home. This article provides a few ideas on building your own, along with some options on purchasing gun cases if time is limited.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that if you click on one of these links and make a purchase, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Also, as an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If the information in this post has been helpful, please consider purchasing through one of the links in this article. Thank you.

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    • Unless you’re running a meth fabric on your property, I don’t think anyone would break into your home to steal drugs. Usually burglars are looking for money, jewelry, objects of value and any other things that can be changed for money and few of these are kept in the bathroom. That’s why the cabinet is a great hiding place for a gun.

      • Prescription synthetic and semi-synthetic opiates (oxycontin, oxycodone, Lortab, etc) are extremely valuable to an addict. The recent heroin epidemic is, largely, the result of people raiding the medicine cabinets of parents (and grandparents) and getting hooked on synthetic opioids. Once they find out that an Oxycontin costs 3-5 times as much as heroin, they go to heroin.

        While a burglar may not break in to steal drugs, they are looking for anything of value and, often, are addicts. That makes the bathroom medicine cabinet is a horrible hiding place for a gun. Not to mention the street value of a gun to an addicted relative.

        If you have one bathroom, your medicine cabinet is looked through by almost all, if not all, of your guests. Even if you have a private bathroom, hiding a gun in an unlocked place is a BAD idea. The medicine cabinet is a horrible place to hide a loaded gun.

      • Jewelry is, almost always, kept in the bedroom. As are guns, watches, Tv’s, expensive clothes, etc/

        • You are definitely right, DaleC. Most burglars are usually interested with the valuable stuff. So, they will most likely hit the bedroom closets, safes, and other hidden places that you might uncover under duress.

      • The most popular rooms a burglar hits are the garage (tools, bikes, cars with keys, etc), living room (TV, stereo, computer, Xbox/PlayStation), bedroom (jewelry, watches, guns, expensive clothes) and bathroom (drugs).

        Ask ANY cop.

      • Any junkie worth his weight in salt is headed for the medicine cabinet. Not only junkies. A 100count bottle of the right persons pain killers can fetch you upwards of $300 on the street. Sorry to break it to you but Dale c is right. Pills CAN be exchanged for money, very easily I might add. Much easier than fencing electronics or gold. Most Pawn Brokers need I’d to make a sale.

    • Burglars do usually have less than 12 minutes to accomplish their mission. Therefore, they will such the following places first the moment they break in: master bedroom (under the mattress, closets, and drawers); washrooms (toilet tanks and medicine cabinets); living room (drawers); kitchen (freezer, cans, and cereal boxes); the study; kids room; and of course the safe. So, how well you conceal your hidden storage depends on how strategic you are.

  • Now that you’ve put all the places that crooks won’t look on the internet for crooks to read they aren’t very secret any more

    • You are certainly right, John. But crooks are always remarkably creative. They will come up with new inventions on how to overcome all sorts of biometric security systems. You can only be a step ahead of the burglars’ creativeness by knowing all that you need to know. This article should help you do precisely that.

  • How are these things considered secret hiding places when you post them on the internet for millions (including criminals) to see? Then make statements like, “Robbers NEVER think of looking here, here and here, making sure they get all of them.

    • Hi John, the content provided in this posting is aimed at helping you come up with ideal hidden storage. However, where the hidden storage is located in your home is entirely up to you.

  • Hello John,
    Well, we listed a few places, to give an example. People can get creative and make their own hiding places in the house. Also, if you have more than one gun, you can hope to be lucky and get close to at leas one during such an unfortunate event.

  • I have a small compartment beneath the stairs where I hide my hunting equipment. Kids do not venture there and it seems perfectly safe. It is not visible either as the compartment is painted in the same paint as the stairs.

    • Sometimes you may stress yourself by thinking too much as to where you can place your hidden storage. Well, one of the best and less thought of idea is beneath the stairs. Great views, thank you Chris for your contribution.

  • Being a family man, I always keep guns within my house to ensure the safety of my family. I have multiple firearms with secret reserved bullets; namely: fury fire, rampage, pistols, eliminator, and a lot more. I wanted to know if there are standards in making a gun storage, maybe according to gun types or just the spaces available. What do you think?

  • I have a gun with me. Unfortunately, I was not able to build a secret compartment for it, since my house is made for a single individual like me, it was not built with secret rooms, nor does it have numerous furniture or accessory. That is why, I planned to have my secret storage deep into my room’s floor. But before I start with the project, how should I start with it? What are the materials that I will need? How deep should it be?

  • A good thing is that these units also provide extra safety, in case you have young and curious children wondering around the house. Despite our best efforts at hiding things, kids can still find them, the only way to keep that from happening is to improve your storage techniques.

  • Finding the right place may seem difficult, because it has to look natural. It’s good to keep in mind that you can buy a hidden real book gun safe, the cover and pages are made from real paper so it actually looks like a real book. It blends in nicely in a night stand or any other book case.

  • The advantage of hiding your firearms inside what looks like an everyday furniture is obvious. First of all, it’s a discreet way to keep a self-defense weapon at reach, just in case. Also, you don’t need complex locks or heavy metal doors, since the location of the items is secret. The unassuming camouflage will fool anyone who isn’t aware of the weapons location.

  • Among all gun hidden storage places, a secret boxlike container in a piece of furniture; made so as to slide in and out is the perfect concealment.

  • A bookcase concealment is an ingenious idea. Personally, I prefer a bookcase instead of a secret cabinet in the study or a drawer in the wall unit. All in all, it comes down to preference and convenience.

  • I for one would advise against having a gun in a house with children. But if you must have one, then the concealment must be state-of-the-art. It should be difficult to uncover, even for an adult.

  • Determine an easy to access location for your floor safe and make sure the spot you pick supports the lifestyle of your home. Also, get the expertise of an expert.

  • Of course, there are standards/specifications/requirements for firearm/gun hidden safe/storage for different categories. You should check with your State’s laws to be sure.

  • My brother and his wife decided to transfer to their newly built house. Unlike their previous house, the doors and rooms of the new house are made of wood. Because of this, they have been asking me about a design for their gun storage because he has a sister-in-law who is currently suffering from emotional disorder. What could be the best place for them to place for him to place a gun safe?

    • You should consider a hidden gun cabinet in the wall, such as one of your sleeping room walls. That should be difficult for the sister-in-law to uncover.

  • I purchased a wall shelf from your company. My problem is when I scan the card it beeps but will not open. I have no instructions how to open the shelf. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks Gary Zellers.

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