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Best Boot Knife

A boot knife is an easy decision if you want a concealed weapon that can provide protection quickly. These small knives are only two seconds away when SHTF and you need quick self-defense.

Carrying a knife that you don’t know you are carrying, and that can also be used for utility purposes, are reasons people often carry boot knives. Finding one that you can also carry comfortably and conceal easily, well damn, that’s a knife I want!

Choosing the right boot knife can be overwhelming. There are literally 100’s of knives on the market. This article reviews what I think are the best boot knives currently available.

What Type of Knife Can I Carry

I often get questions about what I can and can’t carry. This article by the American Knife and Tool Institute provides a good overview by state.

Keep in mind that local municipalities may also have their own regulations so make sure you check those out also.

What I Like In a Boot Knife

I like a simple fixed blade boot knife that can function as more than just a self-defense weapon. I want a knife I can use wherever I travel, and these are a few things on my list.

  • Ideally a full plank knife
  • Good grip that does not slip
  • Sheath that holds the knife firmly
  • A knife that is small enough to conceal easily
  • Versatility – I want to carry it where it makes the most sense – boot, belt,neck

CRKT Sting Fixed Blade Knife

CRKT makes good knives, and this boot knife is a favorite. This versatile knife is made from a single piece of steel that is balanced and holds well in your hand. The sheaf and straps fit well, creating a well-concealed, comfortable fit.

This knife has a 3.19 inch, double-sided, coated carbon steel blade, and the total length of the knife is 6.85 inches. This is a length I like and the knife fits well in the plastic and nylon sheath which will also fit well in your boot.

The sheath and knife provide options for mounting on your leg or ankle, and the straps are adjustable nylon and velcro for a secure fit. This is definitely a knife with a lot of options. You can wear it on your leg, belt, back, whatever works best for you.

The CRKT Stinger is a quality knife that also comes with a very well-made sheath, and for this price, you are getting a good knife that is versatile, balanced, and perfect for easy concealment.

Option: Another good CRKT alternative is the CRKT Shrill Fixed Blade Knife.

Kershaw Secret Agent Boot Knife

This is a very popular single-edge boot knife, made even more popular by the quality you get at its price point. In addition to being only 3 ounces, the Kershaw comes with a flexible sheath that allows you to clip or strap the knife where you want it.

The Kershaw Secret Agent is 8.7 inches long and comes with a 4.4-inch carbon steel blade with a black oxide coating. This is a sleek knife appearing even more lethal with its black blade that is surprisingly durable.

The Secret Agent is only 3 ounces but it is still a well-balanced knife that fits snuggly in its versatile sheath. The sheath offers both a clip for your boot or belt and slots for straps to attach the knife to your leg or ankle.

For less than 30 bucks this is a great backup knife that will withstand tough conditions. If you want an economical knife that will protect you when you need it then take a look at this knife.

Option: Another very good alternative to this knife is the Smith & Wesson SWHRT3BF 7.5in High Carbon S.S. Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife.

Gerber Gear 30-001005N Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Knife

The Ghoststrike is a comfortable knife that ships sharp. It also has an innovative sheath that allows you to wear it sideways along your belt. Tie a small lanyard on the end and you can have it out in a second! This is a great little EDC knife.

The overall length of the Ghoststrike is 6.9 inches and the blade is 3.3 inches of 420HC steel with a black ceramic coating that offers some corrosion resistance.

The steel frame and diamond textured rubber grip make this a balanced knife that stays securely in your hand. The knife is light at 3.6 ounces but it is well-balanced and the lightweight is what makes this such an easy knife to conceal and forget.

The innovative modular sheath allows you to carry the knife horizontally or vertically. You may have to work with the sheath to loosen it up a little, but once you do the knife is securely sheathed and easy to remove.

Gerber makes their knives here in the US in Portland, OR, and this knife has a limited lifetime warranty. I’m an advocate of buying local when it makes sense and this is definitely a comfortable, effective, quality knife to consider.

Option: Another good alternative to this knife is the Schrade SCHF19 7in High Carbon Stainless Steel Small Boot Knife

SOG Instinct Mini Small Fixed Blade Knife

This is a great little EDC fixed blade that you will forget you are wearing, and the sheath provides a lot of options for carrying it – exterior or interior. This SOG is great as a boot or neck knife and has a good tight clip.

Editor's Choice

This knife is 4.8 inches long and has a 1.9-inch blade. While this is a great EDC backup, this is a stainless steel full tang knife that can handle some serious use, so you won’t pause when you need to use it.

I sometimes find handles on small knives a little cumbersome but this handle has gimping and finger grips that make this 1.4-ounce knife easy to hold and use.

The Instinct Mini is versatile, and what I mean is it is durable AND fast. You are going to be able to use this for tasks at work, and if needed, for self-defense.

This is an especially fast knife, easy to remove, and have ready in a second, so make sure you train and practice with it.

If you want a small knife that is easy to conceal, but also durable and useful for multiple tasks then the SOG Instinct Mini is a good choice.

Option: Another good alternative to this knife is the Kilimanjaro 910106 Men’s Stretta Tactical Neck Knife.

Cold Steel Drop Forged Series Fixed Blade Knife

This knife is incredibly strong. It uses 52100 steel that is used in ball bearings and car parts, so yeah it’s strong. I think this is also the best-looking knife in this group (I know that is probably not a priority), and the sheaf it uses is very secure.

This knife is 9 inches long and has a 5-inch blade, and is a little heavier at almost five ounces. The knife comes razor-sharp out of the box and probably has the most comfortable grip on this list.

As mentioned this knife uses high-quality steel. You won’t find this steel in other blades at this price, and the sheath is well made, allowing the knife to “click” into place nice and tight.

This is a very good knife with quality materials. You may find a better knife, but definitely not at this price point.

Option: An alternative to this knife is the Cold Steel Counter TAC Series Fixed Blade Boot Knife

Final Thoughts – Best Boot Knife

All of the knives on this list are well-made boot knives that will serve you well. They are going to perform when SHTF, and keep working when you need to work.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that if you click on one of these links and make a purchase, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Also, as an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If the information in this post has been helpful, please consider purchasing through one of the links in this article. Thank you.

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  • MTech USA Xtreme MX-8059 Series is a good value knife that will perform well for protection. You will appreciate the quality of the knife, robust sheath and sturdy belt/pocket clip at this price point. This knife would serve as an excellent bedside knife or as a full tang boot dagger.

  • One of the most important survival tools is a survival knife, and a boot knife is an excellent survival blade. The MTech USA Xtreme MX-8059 Series is a good choice.

  • The Schrade boot knife has to be the best in this list in my humble opinion. It is everything you need from a boot knife, it is small, easily concealable and easy to carry without restricting your movements. It will penetrate skin, remove hide, husks, membranes from almost every animal you can imagine and even strip the bark from a tree or branch, making it a great all-rounder for survival situations. Also, if sharpened properly and well looked after, it will hold a razor-sharp edge for years. Highly recommended.

  • Good choice. The Schrade boot knife is without a doubt a masterpiece. It will easily penetrate skin, hide, husks, membranes, and bark.

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